Drone services based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.We have years of experience in almost all aspects of aerial imagery. We've worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and others on various TV projects, construction companies and many others….

List of Services Offered

- Drone Construction Progress Updates/Completed Work- Drone Property Marketing- FPV - Indoor/Outdoor Site Tours- Aerial Photography- Aerial Surveys and Roof Inspections- Aerial Videography- TV and Film


Home and commercial roof inspections

Drones surveys can be used to quickly and safely inspect areas that are out of reach without the use of special height equipment.Most of all, they can save the customer a lot of money.

First person view


FPV (First Person View) drones grant the ability to fly in places that couldn’t be done with conventional larger drones. They are transforming the drone services market and will be seen more and more in the near future.They are incredibly hard to fly and capturing smooth cinematic footage takes a lot of practice.I now offer internal and external FPV footage to my list of services. I have a prop guarded FPV drone suitable for close proximity flying internally and externally, great for factory/warehouse tours, property marketing and construction progress.


Construction Updates

Want to be able to quickly show the progress of a large-scale project?If a picture paints a thousand words, a drone video speaks a million.I can provide a quick turnaround on images and video of your construction project, tailored for social media, customer updates or promotional purposes.
I can fly both externally and internally to give an overview of all aspects of a build.

Real estate

Property Marketing

Drones can provide aerial views of a property and its grounds, that was impossible to achieve a few years ago, without the expense of hiring a helicopter or aeroplane.They now allow estate agents to provide potential customers, with a new perspective on the property, for a fraction of the price.
Drones can show how the property sits within its surroundings, capture the views it oversees and provide detailed, direct overhead boundary shots. They can also be used to photograph a property that is situated in a difficult position.
If the property is situated close to a road, or has a short space in which to take the photo, for example, it can be difficult to get an accurate or even flattering depiction of the property.Using a drone photography is a unique, cost effective and relatively discreet way of photographing a property.


We utilise different drone platforms to get the right shot, whether that be slow, steady cinematic shots or fast paced, close proximity footage.We can put all this together produce videos for your event, project or even your hobby.Check our showreel, example done footage and projects we’ve completed for customers.

Roof Inspections

Getting a quote for roof repair can be difficult as well as expensive. Some builders’ estimates can be wildly over-exaggerated.Having very clear drone footage and aerial photos of the entire roof, can make the process much more simple and reduce the risk of being overcharged.The customer can see the problem areas themselves, instead of relying on the builder’s inspection alone.The images can be shown to multiple builders to get the best and most accurate quote. It can also be shared with trusted friends and family, to obtain advice on appropriate steps.Aerial roof inspections can identify:- Slipped or cracked tiles- Cracked gutter or chimney flashing- Areas of possible leaks- Foliage growing in problem areas- Blocked chimneys and gutters- Poor workmanship- Aerial or satellite dish issues- Loose masonry

Contact Us

The sky is literally the limit with the uses for drone photography and videography.If you have an idea, get in touch and we'll discuss how best to make it happen.There are three ways to contact George:By phone: 07977 132327By email: [email protected]By using the form on this page.

Direct overhead images

Overhead shots can really emphasise how secluded a property may be and its distance to neighbouring properties.They allow visualisation of the amount of land that is included in the purchase, and can show the ratio of plot to building.The full understanding of the size of the area on offer, can be lost in ground level photos, due to overgrown or hidden areas.
Overhead and aerial shots in general open this up to give a clear image of what someone is potentially purchasing. This will inevitably help them realise the potential of the offer.

Position within surroundings

Low level photographs sometimes make it difficult to picture how the property is situated.There may be confusion as to how close the property may be to a railway track, road, the ocean, the beach, the town centre, play areas etc.Aerial photography can show off proximity to other desirable locations and show when they are suitable distance from undesirable ones.Location can add to the property's character, so why not use drone photography to showcase it.


The views that a property may enjoy can be hard to illustrate by taking photos from windows.Aerial photography can be used to give a clear picture of what might be seen from various parts of the property.Views may be obstructed by trees belonging to the property, and aerial photography can aid the realisation, of the vistas that can be opened up by pruning of trees or removal of obstructions.


LEGAL REQUIREMENTSI’m trained to the latest standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) so you can be assured that flights will be safe and legal.
This requires theoretical and practical assessments by a National Qualified Entity.
I have up to £10m EC785/2004 compliant commercial insurance.I hold a current GVC qualification and have my Operation Authorisation and PDRA-01 approved and issued by the CAA.EXPERIENCEI have years of experience flying UAVs so as well as having the necessary training, I have developed the skill required to safely carry out a wide range of tasks.
Combining the flight control with a creative passion for cinematography, I can achieve fantastic results. I can apply post production to further improve the end result.